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Unveiling the Mind in Egypt

At the entrance to Cairo University is an immense sculpture entitled
“The Awakening of Egypt (by Mahmoud Mokhtar),” on which is portrayed a sphinx and a woman lifting her veil.  A photo of this statue appears on the cover of Women’s Ways of Leading. And inside, Mary Gardner and I honor Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian feminist and author, with her story and the following quote:

The education system should be founded on “unveiling the

mind.” Unveiling means to remove the mask of ignorance and

unquestioning compliance to reveal the inner power and

knowledge…Women throughout the world wisely awakening

to this call for unveiling find strength in their values and in


Today Nicholas Kristoff told us in his column in the New York Times of his encounter yesterday in Tahrir Square with his hero, Dr. El Saadawi, the leading Arab feminist who for decades has fought female genital mutilation.  He notes that she “turns 80 this year, is white-haired and frail, but full of fiery passion.”

“I feel I am born again,” she told him and assured Nick that she would sleep again with the protestors on Tahrir Square.

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  1. Aladin Fazel says:

    thanks a lot for this, and i hope this Unveiling the Mind will take place all over the world.

  2. Thank you–I’m hoping so too! Linda

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